Avec Moi Roma Viale Libia 8 - 00199 - Roma

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Bed And Breakfast - Viale Libia - Quartiere Africano - Avec Moi Roma

Viale Libia 8, 00199 Roma IT

+390689013882 prenotazione@avecmoiroma.it
~ Relaxation and quality for our guests are our priority ~ All rooms are spacious, bright and elegantly furnished, complete with all comforts and services for the welfare of their guests. Located in one of the best areas of the city of Rome, in Viale Libia 8, Avec Moi Roma is an ideal arrival point for all kinds of travelers, young and old, couples or individuals, groups of friends or families, to work â € ¢ Â for leisure, looking for a cheap stay, but without having to give up anything.


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